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Najib Khan & Wellness Beyond Mind


Are you tired of short-lived diet fads that leave you right where you started?

Dive deep into a transformative journey with Najib Khan, renowned conscious living strategist.

Unlock the secret to lasting health and vitality that’s rooted in ancient wisdom.

No More Diet Fads That Just Don’t Work:

  • Experience a lifestyle shift, not a temporary diet. Finally break free from the yo-yo diet.

Feel, See, and Be The Change:

  • From enhanced mental clarity to improved sleep, feel the difference in just two weeks.

An Experience Beyond Dieting:

  • This isn’t just about food. It’s about aligning your mindset with your body’s needs.



Real Food Freedom: Master Control Over Your Food Choices

The food industry is complex.

With every new diet fad, an onslaught of misleading advertisements, and an ever-growing array of processed options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and trapped.

But what if you could break free?

Real Food Freedom is about empowering you.

With our 90-day program, you won’t just learn what to eat, but also how to intuitively choose foods that nourish and energize your body.

This isn’t about strict rules or deprivation. It’s about rediscovering the joy of eating, understanding your body’s unique needs, and making food choices that serve you, not enslave you.

What is WILDFIT ?

We’re all about health and movement, but here’s the surprise: exercise isn’t the magic bullet most believe it to be. The real game-changer? Your food choices.

While we’d never discourage exercise, WILDFIT reveals a truth: transformation primarily springs from what you eat. That’s why our emphasis rests solely on your nutritional journey and rewiring your relationship with food.

Wellness Beyond Mind

As you embrace this nutritional journey, your body will naturally find its equilibrium, shedding excess weight as it realigns. WILDFIT isn’t just another fad; it’s grounded in years of meticulous study and research, revealing the exact diet that best suits human physiology. The outcome? Improved sleep, increased energy, enhanced fitness, and an overall boost in health and well-being.

Throughout this adventure, you become the true authority over your body. WILDFIT empowers you to attune to your body’s signals, to truly listen to its needs, and to answer its call for wholesome nutrition. This is more than just a wellness program; it’s a revolution that lightens you, fills you with boundless energy, and elevates your happiness to new heights.

Welcome to WILDFIT 90 – where you reclaim your health, rewrite your relationship with food, and embrace a transformation that radiates from the inside out.

Step into Your Best Self 

Vitality Boost: Elevate Your Energy, Mood, and Overall Well-Being

Have you ever imagined waking up feeling genuinely refreshed, with a zest for the day ahead?

That’s the promise of the Vitality Boost. Instead of relying on caffeine or sugar to pull you through the day, discover the power of genuine vitality.

By aligning your eating habits with your body’s rhythms and needs, you’ll notice an upliftment not just in energy, but in mood, motivation, and mental clarity.

This isn’t about short-lived bursts but sustained wellness that permeates every facet of your life, from work to play, making you feel more present, focused, and alive.

Reclaim Your Health & Vitality –

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Special Opportunity: Get a Taste Test

I’ll personally walk you through the entire process

The essence of WILDFIT is inspired by the eating habits of the Hadza tribe, an indigenous group from Tanzania, renowned for their survival skills and adaptive nature. Their history dates back nearly 50,000 years, and their diet has been instrumental in their longevity and resilience. WILDFIT’s founder, Eric Edmeades, drew inspiration from his time spent with the Hadza, studying their food habits and integrating their wisdom into the creation of the WILDFIT program.

Eric Edmeades

Today is the Day

There’s no better time to start your transformation than now! Instead of waiting for ‘someday’, join us today for a journey that will transform you completely in 90 days. The WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge is designed as a timed process to facilitate profound and lasting change, starting from the moment you begin.

Step into your new lifestyle and watch as your body and life blossom in incredible ways – glowing skin, enhanced muscle tone, renewed energy, and more.

Start the WILDFIT 14-Day Trial now, and make the first move towards a healthier, happier you. Remember, your body, your longevity, your family, and your life will thank you.

Ready to join us on this journey? Dive into the WILDFIT 14 Day Trial now!

`I have lost 9 kgs and now back to my wedding weight.'

I am so grateful to be sharing my story with everyone.

I have lost 9 kgs and now back to my wedding weight, but more than that the team have helped me get my head back on track and to structure my nutrition in a way that makes so much sense, it feels good and I love the compliments I get.

It is a WIN WIN for me.

For the past 2 years I have been trying to lose weight to combat the menopause weight gain. On 14th September 2020 I started WILDFIT® and the results started for me from Day 1, the simple, step by step help and incredible community and learning is what makes this a programme that is simply put – OUTSTANDING. Thank you.

I feel 10 years younger

Anthropological nutrition. That’s the basis for the WILDFIT® Challenge, a program that can open your mind to a canopy of revitalized health and nutrition.

For me, a former Triathlete, who actually gained weight being an athlete, the lessons learned through WILDFIT® helped me build a life around challenging the norms of food consumption as well as the emotions attached to them. WILDFIT® has been an eye-opening experience, for not just myself, but for those around me, who have watched my progress in losing 25 pounds and 4 pants sizes in a matter of 3 months.

Although I may not be completely adherent, I’m certainly in it for the long haul, as I feel 10 years younger than I did in the previous year. I have a supportive community around me that will continue to keep me going for years to come.

Getting started is easy

I’ll personally walk you through the entire 90-days process


Book a Call

Book a call with me to take the 90 days program to discover food freedom.


Complete Personalisation

I’ll help you take stock of where you currently stand – identifying your unique challenges, strengths, and aspirations, so our approach can be tailored to your specific needs.



Before we dive deep, I’ll provide you with an overview of what to expect, ensuring you understand the core principles and philosophy of our  journey ahead.


Implementation & Support

With a clear roadmap in hand, we’ll begin to put everything into action. I’ll be with you every step of the way, offering advice, answering questions, and ensuring you stay on track.

Najib Khan

Behavioural Transformation: It's Not Just What You Eat But Why and How

A healthy lifestyle transcends beyond the plate. It digs deep into understanding our relationship with food.

Why do we reach for that extra piece of chocolate when stressed?

Why is the couch more appealing than a refreshing walk?

Behavioural Transformation, rooted in expert insights and psychological principles, helps decode these habits.

With our Triple Transformational Framework, you’ll embark on a journey to reshape your habits, attitudes, and rituals around food.

By addressing the root causes of unhealthy patterns and reconstructing your mindset, you’ll find that making healthier choices becomes second nature, not a chore.

I don't think I could have made a better investment

Before WILDFIT®, 10-12 Am were my productive hours, and after 3 Pm, I could forget about any work I wanted to do, I was done for the day, now, all my hours are productive hours, I can do what I want, when I want and not be held back by my health.

This program has helped me realize that it doesn’t make sense to achieve anything in life if you’re not healthy to enjoy it. I feel like I’ve avoided so many future problems…!This has been a transformational experience, the self-esteem and awareness has rubbed off in other areas of my life.

It has changed my life!

II was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was pushed to my breaking point and ready to snap out of it! The dreams were not enough to sustain me and move me towards my goals. Then, the SHIFT happened!

I was willing to look at my negative and addictive behaviours around food… I mean truthfully look at it and dissect it. I knew willpower alone wasn’t going to fix my issues. I knew I needed food freedom from SUGAR.

That’s when a program called WILDFIT® caught my eye. They have taught me so much about my relationship with food, mindful eating and the different kinds of hunger… It has changed my life!

Reclaim Your Health & Vitality – Get Started Today!